Is LinkedIn trying to make a comeback in 2020 with its new Groups features?

LinkedIn groups were once of the major feature of the app but with time users usually lost interest in it as the groups were increasing with random spam and self-promotions to the extreme extent where the LinkedIn groups were not considered usable anymore.

If this addition of new features can set the group community correct this can be a great opportunity for LinkedIn’s professional community and can also prove to be a great comeback in 2020 for LinkedIn Groups.

If LinkedIn can add some new features for not just improvements in its groups but to also go along the broader trends of increased in-app engagement, LinkedIn groups can gain user interest again.

Chloe R. from LinkedIn's Groups team informed in an email to Digital Information World that it just announced a set of updates and the addition of tools in its group all aimed to help drive more user engagement and interaction as compared to the past.

According to the announcement, the following are the additional features LinkedIn will be providing to its Groups:

· LinkedIn is finally giving group admins the option to moderate new posts by reviewing all posts before making them go live in their groups. This new feature is pretty much common in other online platforms so LinkedIn took long to catch up with the trends.

· Now group admins can have additional options available to locate its members based on search filters like ‘Industry’, ‘Company’, ‘Location’ or ‘School’.

· Now Groups admins will have the control to either allow group members to invite connections to a group or prevent it. This gives the admins more control over the potential new members as compared to the past.

· Group admins can now select app posts from a selected member and delete them altogether.

· Admins will now have more control over to allow or block comments from members in a group which makes it pretty easy to manage spam and junk accounts in a group.

· For the group members, LinkedIn will be adding a new search option that can help the members to find the desired comments and content based on selected keywords.

· Now LinkedIn users can now also share information of groups in its LinkedIn feed and private messages with a new share group option.

· Another feature of admin recommendations can also be seen by Group members which can help members see the group posts recommended by admins.

· The last addition of feature by LinkedIn is the group notifications that can make the group members aware of the most relevant posts in the group so that they don’t feel left behind.

This addition of new features is pretty much similar to what we already see in other online forums but these additions can be revolutionary for LinkedIn Groups.

These new features can become more valuable if the admin takes out some time to modify it accordingly making the groups become a relevant consideration again.

For the last few years, LinkedIn has been trying to make a comeback for its groups but most of the updates so far haven’t had any impact on the user engagement but we think the addition of new feature for admins can make managing the groups easier and can make the groups appear more interesting for members hence improving user engagement.

These new sets of features can maybe help make a comeback for LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn in an email announced that: "We are excited to share with you some of the latest updates that are currently rolling out to Groups globally. Based on your feedback, we have invested in building tools to keep your communities safe and healthy, including: Moderate new posts: Group owners can turn on the ability for admins to review all posts before they show up for other members. Learn more. New invitation setting: Group owners have the option to allow or prevent members from inviting their connections to a group. Learn more. Filter members: Group admins can more easily find a member by filtering the members’ list by location, industry, company, or school. Delete all posts: Group admins can bulk delete all posts by a member. Block member from comment: Group admins can block a member directly from their comment. We have also been working on tools to drive more active engagement in your groups, including: Search for content: Group members can search for specific content within a group using keywords. Learn more. Share a group: Group members can easily share a group in a LinkedIn post or in a private message to encourage others to join. Learn more. Recommended tab: Group members can filter the group feed by posts that have been recommended by an admin. Learn more. Extended notifications: Group members will be notified of the most relevant conversations from the groups they are about. Stay tuned for more updates in 2020!"
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