Now you can easily delete accidental commands from Google Assistant

Google is the largest tech giant providing thousands of services to billions of users on a daily basis.

Google launched one of its revolutionary products ‘Google Assistant’ which took the market by storm. Every person wants to have as much ease in their lives as much possible and Google is there to help them with that.

With Google Assistant, users don’t have to worry about searching for products or calling someone themselves but instead they can just command the Google Assistant for all the tasks easily.

To improve the user experience more with Google Assistant, the tech giant introduced new services with options like auto-delete and many more.

Now you don’t have to worry about accidental commands anymore as the newly discovered command can help get rid of accidental instruction as well.

This new command was spotted by Kellen from DroidLife, and with this command, you can delete the last thing Google Assistant heard by just saying ‘Hey Google, that wasn’t for you’ after this Google will quickly delete the most recent heard command it stored.

Deleting commands from Google which it shouldn’t have heard isn’t something to be useful at all times but this type of command can surely come in handy when Assistant on Google Home or smartphone is switched on by mistake.

This tool can be useful for deleting such accidental commands which you don’t want to Google to hear or store.

After being involved in privacy violation scandals for so long, Google added some similar commands to its Assistant which can enable the users to delete the history of commands of a day or up to a week’s worth of Google Assistant activity whenever they want to.

To delete commands a day earlier simply command Assistant, “Hey Google, delete my last conversation.”, or “Hey Google, delete today’s (or this week's) activity.”

Google is one of the biggest tech company and it keeps on bringing new updates every once in a while to improve its users' experience and this addition of new command is just another attempt by Google to give the user more privacy over its data as compared to the past.

This new command will surely be useful for us in times of need and we are looking forward to more new updates soon to be revealed by Google.

Photo: Witthaya Prasongsin via Getty Images

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