Google will soon customize alarm tone according to time and weather

Annoyed by the tone of your alarm clock?

Don’t worry!

Just like everything, Google has a solution for your morning woes!

The search giant is working on an update that will make your mornings more pleasant and alarm tone less irritating!

The new feature will make use of Artificial Intelligence, which will automatically change the song on the alarm clock – according to the time of the day and weather.

As of now, the feature is only available on Lenovo’s Smart Clock. However, Google says that the ‘Impromptu’ feature – part of Google Assistant will soon be integrated with other smart displays.

But can we expect it to come on our phones as well?

As of yet, Google has not made any official announcement regarding the expansion. However, in their blog post, they explained the feature and said that all of the music used in the system is created by Magenta – an open-source music tool with machine learning capabilities.

The feature is rolling out globally from today on Lenovo’s device. The smart clock by the Chinese multinational technology company is currently available for an attractive price tag of $50 - which doesn't seem like a bad deal to get rid of the default ring tone on our existing alarm clocks.

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