Travel the World and Speak Languages Fluently – Thanks to Google’s Real-Time Translator

Google is bringing the future in your hand. Can you speak Chinese, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, or any other alien language? No? Do not worry anymore. Google Assistant’s interpreter real-time translator mode is at your service now!

Google just made traveling easier for people by providing an extremely handy and useful app that lets you speak around 44 languages.

This mode works with the Google Assistant. All you have to do is ask Google, for instance, ‘hey Google, help me speak French’.


In no time you are speaking French.

Earlier this year, Google introduced this mode for displays and smart speakers, but now this mode is launching for Android and iOS users. Pretty much all the smartphones. Currently, there will be only 44 languages available, but that is more than enough for starters!

Another good news is that it will be integrated into the Google Assistant app, so you don’t have to download another app in your phone.

The time is near when this app will become a must-have for all travelers!

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