Google Proves to be the best platform serving the highest fact-checked articles

Google always brings out the best and unique services to make the life of its users as convenient as possible.

Recently, Google started highlighting its new initiative to display more fact-checked content to its users in search results and according to that Google is serving more than 11 million fact-checked articles in its search results, every single day.

Google started this new initiative almost around 3 years back to display fact check labels in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Google is displaying fact check content based on ClaimReview markup which is a very special type of Schema markup that enables the fact checkers to detect whether the claims made on the web page are authentic or not.

According to the ClaimReview markup, web pages can display a snippet of the content for searchers which include information about the claim, person who made the claim and what the fact checkers think about the claim or whether the claim is true or not.

All of these fact checked claims are made available to the public via search tool which enables the users to search for fact checked content through a database of more than 40,000 fact-checked content.

An example of fact checked story in Google Search result

This type of fact checked content is valuable for people who use Google products and fact checked results can prove to be useful to surface the origin of a mis-captioned image or a manipulated video.

The fact checked content now appears in the search results more than 11 million times in a single day (or approximately in 458,300 searches every passing second).

This means that Google is displaying fact-checked content with a total of 4 billion impressions per year.

The fact-checked search results include global search results and Google News in five countries as well.

Google is a platform that always attempts to provide as many unique services as much possible and the search giant stands out in the market of competitors due to its efficient and accurate results and a variety of new products to bring ease in the life of its users.

The fact-checked results are another attempt by Google to make the life of its users as easy as possible. Google intends to increase the structured data fields of fact checks by working with Duke Reporters’ Lab and the International Fact-Checking Network as well.

2020 will be the year where Google will continue to work with various partners in order to provide its users more useful context online and offline too.

To make sure providing more useful content to its users Google is expected to keep on exploring more new models to support long-term sustainability in its fact-checking fields so users can get more accurate and authentic results as compared to the past.

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