Google on Third Position in the Virtual Assistant Market – Apple & Windows to be on First and Second

Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa are famous virtual assistants in the market, but who would have thought that they will be dragged down to the third position?

That’s correct!

Recently, a study by Futuresource Consulting released the data that Apple’s Siri holds 35% of the market share is in the first position; whereas, Microsoft’s Cortana holds 22% market share being on the second position. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa occupy only 9% and 4% market share, respectively.

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the pre-installs of Siri and Cortana in their devices. Apple pre-installs Siri in their iPhones, MacBooks, and watches. Apart from it, Microsoft’s Cortana comes preinstalled in all Windows 10 devices.

Coming down to Google Assistant, it only comes preinstalled in the first-party products such as Chrome OS and Google Home. Some Android devices come with preinstalled Assistant, but that’s that.

Here, Android users have the option to either install Assistant on their phones or not. Apart from it, Assistant can be installed in Apple iPhones and iPads as well. On the flip side, Siri and Cortana cannot be installed on other devices.

Considering this factor, Google should have a huge market share, but still, it stands at third position. Google needs to work on these numbers to stay on the top.

Virtual assistants’ shipments increased by 25% with 1.1 billion in 2019. Futuresource has expected this ratio to reach 2.5 billion by 2023.

Photo: Wachiwit via Getty Images

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