These New YouTube Studio Tools Will Now Give Creators The Power To Deal With Copyright Claims!

Seeing all the hard work going into vein all because of a copyright claim can be one of the most painful experiences for any content creator on YouTube. But the good thing is that the platform is finally recognizing your loss and are now also trying their best to make creators understand and resolve the copyright claims with new changes in the YouTube Studio!

There is copyright strike info, a new editing tool which assists you in trimming the part indulged in the claim of the video and a New List Filter that shows which of your videos have been restricted with a copyright claim. All in all, YouTube is trying to play fair so that you could get a full chance of defending yourself.

Copyright Strike Info On Studio Dashboard

Going with what’s more important, content creators will now get to see all the information regarding channel’s copyright claims right onto the YouTube Studios dashboard. The latest addition would be based on the videos that got removed, details about who submitted the copyright notice and further actions which you can now take to resolve the claim.

YouTube is now also offering more transparency when it comes to the content of the copyright takedown as creators will also get to see the specific description of the copyrighted work provided by the claimant in the takedown notice. In case, if it is readily not available, creators can always contact the copyright team for the same details.

Claim Edition Tool - Assisted Trim

On the video copyright details page, there is a new explicit trim option as well. So, now you get the option to trim out the part which specifically has been mentioned in the copyright claim and doing so will release you from the blame too. However, the end points of the edit will remain pre-set to the same position where one can see the claimed content appearing in the video. YouTube is working out for better viewer experience here too but till then you can try YouTube Editor.

Copyright Claims Filter In The Videos List

Another new filter in the Videos page will let you keep an eye on videos that got attacked by copyright strikes or Content ID claims. You will just have to enter “Copyright Claims” in the filter to see all such videos. Besides that, you will also find a new ‘Restrictions’ column on the Videos page which can be an entry point of knowing copyright issues being reported in contact to a video.

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