Google Maps has saved more than 10 million miles of Street View imagery – a distance that could circle the globe more than 400 times!

It was about 12 years ago when Larry Page introduced Street View that takes photographs of streets all around the world. Not just cities or countries, the data collection extends to capturing alleys, streets and more. It has covered a large part of rural and metropolises countrysides.

Google uses Street View cars and other tools to map the entire world. From the recent data, Google shows that it has covered about 10 million miles of Street View imagery. The distance is huge if we start to ponder upon it. Google has really outdone the way it has captured the whole world and has changed the map making process.

Apart from Street View, Google Earth is another aerial mapping service, "that lets you browse more than 36 million square miles of high definition satellite images from various providers". From its stats, it is shown that it has covered about 36 million square miles through satellite imagery. Anyone from anywhere can browse this imagery and check the location.

Currently, Google has a data of so many places that cover about 98% of areas where people live. Google has clearly shown that they are very much in improving their map services by continuous researches. Maps have about 1 billion users that use this app on a daily basis making Google Maps one of the most popular products.

Don’t know the location? Check the Google Maps!

The data from Google Maps is extremely interesting for local advertising. So, if you are looking to get your brand from low to high – you must consider checking out what the Google Maps has to say!

To capture everything in the world in such detail, Google uses cars, along with trekker’s backpacks, camels, sheep and more.

If you are already worried about Google’s ability to know so much about you – This new revelation might be troublesome for you. Just like Silicon Valley, Google is also facing many issues regarding the way they collect their data.

But, data collection is the only way for Google to earn throughout the year. The data helps in targeted advertising that in return generates millions of dollars for the company.

Google was also in the satellite business, which led it to buy Sky Box – a high-resolution satellite imaging company – for Google Maps. However, Google came out of the business and sold the company within 3 years.

Google Maps is now becoming a hub of information with so many other options including flight information, food delivery and whatnot. However, the core aim of the app will still be to help in navigation. Google also introduced Live View that helps you get better information about destination traffic and route.

In fact, a UK-based organization is completely dependent on these image by Google to get aerial images of minefields. So, you can get an idea about Google Maps importance!

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