Google Photos Is Experimenting With A Zoom In Feature For Videos

Android phone users will agree that Google Photos is undoubtedly one of the most useful apps on the platform. This is mainly because it’s packed with several great features that make it easy to manage, organize, store, share, and edit the numerous media files we have on our devices.

Furthermore, Google constantly adds updates to the app in order to keep up with the demands of users and make it more accessible.

Currently, the tech giant is working on a feature that would enable the users to zoom into videos that they are playing via the Google Photos app. according to a news report; the new feature would be available in Google Photos Version 4.33 and would use the 'traditional' pinch gesture to zoom into videos that are playing.

As of this writing, the feature is in the development phase and is expected to roll out as soon as it’s ready for the global users. Recently Google added several new features to its app that includes a private messaging feature and the ability to manually tag faces in photos.

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Feature Photo: SIPA USA/PA Images
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