Google Photos Now Testing Colorizing Mode

Last year Google announced a bunch of exciting new features that were supposed to come to its various applications and properties. One of the exciting features that were discussed during the I/O event in 2018 was a colorize feature for Google Photos. This colorize feature would basically allow you to add colors to photos that were taken in black and white, and this would include old pictures that were taken before color was added to pictures in the first place.

There was a lot of buzz surrounding this announcement but the buzz died down after Google stopped discussing this feature save for a brief statement saying that an update to this would be coming in soon. Five months passed by without a peep from Google, but now at long last users will be getting a sneak peek into the colorize feature that they have been awaiting for well over a year all in all.

According to 9to5Google, the colorizing mode is still being tested, but a beta version of the mode has surfaced allowing people to get a glimpse into how it would work. The results so far are actually pretty impressive, especially when you take into account the fact that the feature is still being tested out so there is a chance that the flaws are going to end up getting ironed out quite quickly.

One complaint that a lot of people had about the pictures that had been colorized was that the colorization process added a certain haziness to the images. This haziness is actually quite common feature when it comes to colorization processes in general, so chances are that this won’t go away even in the final version of the mode. However, knowing Google, there is also a chance that when the feature reaches consumers it will add some brilliant colors to old black and white photos thereby allowing us to keep our memories alive.

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