50 Percent of Americans Don't Trust Facebook To Protect Their Dating Information: Study

A recent analysis by market research platform named Piplsay reveals some interesting insights about Facebook's Dating feature. The survey highlights that more than 57% of respondents fail to acknowledge tech giant's dating service and even though around 9% of the people are using this feature, yet Facebook Dating isn’t feeling the type of love it wants in the U.S.

According to the survey, Facebook Dating isn’t something much of anyone’s concern as compared to other new features introduced by Facebook.

Facebook Dating was introduced at the F8 developers’ conference of the social network in 2018 and in September 2019 it was introduced for American users.

According to the poll by Piplsay, which surveyed around 21,242 U.S. users, two-thirds of the Americans are unaware about the existence of Facebook Dating feature which means that this feature isn’t gaining a match made in heaven type of attention that it wants.

According to the survey results provided by Piplsay, 24% knew about the debut of this feature but weren’t using it.

Around 10% of Americans exist who didn’t know about the Facebook Dating feature but are interested in using it in the future.

The respondents of the survey who knew about Facebook Dating also weren’t much cheering for it as a new unique feature as more than 60% respondents believe that there is a huge variety of dating apps already existing in the market so it isn’t something new or unique.

Around 22% of the survey respondents stated this new feature as ‘Not particularly excited (about Facebook dating), as it's like any other dating app’ whereas only 18% of Americans found Facebook Dating better than the other existing apps.

Among the variety of Americans using the Facebook Dating, around 51% of them didn’t show any expectations to find better dates with it whereas 26% disagreed but stating that they were expecting to find better dates with this new feature and around 23% of survey respondents didn’t know about what to expect at all.

The survey results also revealed results based on genders which displayed that 37% of men were more optimistic as compared to 20% of woman when it came to finding better dates with Facebook Dating.

Around 16% of millennials were using the Facebook Dating feature as compared to only 12% of Generation Z.

A major reason behind such a downfall in this feature might be due to a lack of trust as Facebook still hasn’t earned it.

When asked "Do you trust Facebook to keep your personal data safe on its dating platform?" 50 percent responded with a straight No. While, 27% of them were unsure about it and only 23% of them trusted the social network to share personal information with it.

Based on gender, only 20% of women and 31% of men trust Facebook with their personal information and it consists of 34% generation of millennials and 29% generation of Gen Zers whereas 23% of them belong to Generation X and only 10% of them were of baby boomers.

There is no official response yet from Facebook on the findings of Piplsay but we are hoping that Facebook puts some light on it too.

Half of Americans Don't Trust Facebook To Protect Their Dating Data: Survey

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