Google Local Incorporates More Photos Into Search Results

If you can ascertain one thing about how Google is operating these days, it probably has something to do with how much emphasis the tech giant is placing on things like images both in the functionality of its various properties as well as in the numerous experiments that the company has been conducting as of late. Previously you were given the option to see more photos in your Google Locals search results, a feature that enables you to find eateries and other establishments that are in your local vicinity.

The latest update, as spotted by Sergey Alakov, is kicking things up a notch by offering you a whole separate section that would allow you to browse places based on the photos that they have put up. This is definitely really going to improve the overall Google Local experience for a lot of people. This is because of the fact that when you are going out somewhere, you would ideally want to try and see what the place looks like first. Not only would this give you a sneak peek at what you would be buying but at the same time it has the potential to really give you an inkling of the kind of ambiance the place would have to offer as well.

We live in a very visually charged world, and until and unless visuals aren’t made more central to the searching experience it seems very unlikely that any of these innovations are going to end up having the impact they are certainly hoping they are going to end up having. It’s indeed a good step that Google is taking heed of this, and the additional focus on visual search is definitely going to have a positive impact on our user experiences as the world of technology marches forward into bigger and better things.

Google Local Tests Browse By Photo

Hat Tip: Seroundtable.

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