Google Photos adds a ‘Memories’ feature along with advanced sharing and printing options

Following the footsteps of Instagram and Facebook, Google is also adding its own version of Stories. But instead of your recent updates, the Stories on Google will take the users on a trip down the memory lane.

Yes, the feature called the ‘Memories’ is designed by Google to help users relive the best moments from their past – through the pictures that are often forgotten after upload.

Google claimed that they got the idea for the feature when they saw users browsing their old photos and reminiscing their experiences. And to make the scrolling easier, Google came up with the ‘Memories’ feature – that works similar to the Stories feature present on various platforms including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, and surprise…Netflix.

The Google Stories feature can be launched by tapping on the small, rounded icon – available on the top of the Google Photos gallery.

However, the feature will not show you snaps from a random time period. Instead, you will only see the pictures from the same week as the present – in years prior. Google will also allow users to block some people or places from showing up in their Memories feature – that brings back ‘bad’ memories from the past.

Additionally, the Google Photos Memories will not be accessible by other public and will only be available for the account owner. But Google does plan to allow sharing of these Memories in a few months’ time.

The tech giant is also collaborating with Walmart and CVS for 4 X 6 photo prints from the memories. These can be picked up from more than 11,000 U.S. locations within an hour of ordering. The prices of the prints remain the same as other retailers - $0.25 from Walmart and $0.33 from CVS. Users can also select canvas prints of the same photos in either black, white, or photo wrap borders in three different sizes - 8×8 ($19.99), 11×14 ($29.99) and 16×20 ($44.99).

Additionally, Google is updating it’s ‘photos’ search console by allowing users to find photos or screenshots that include text with more ease.

The Memories feature along with the other updates on Google Photos are rolling out now and interested users can expect to start their ‘nostalgia’ in a few days.

Did you update Google Photos yet? Do let us know your experience with the ‘Memories’ feature?

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