Facebook Invests $130 Million in Content Oversight Board – Criticism Finally Heard

Facebook scandals are not secret news, everyone is quite aware of them. Just recently, Facebook faced a lot of scrutiny for not fact checking political ads. Similarly, the privacy and security concerns of people are rising at an alarming speed and apparently the tech giant is not able to catch that train.

However, Facebook is now taking steps to show how religiously they are working to overcome criticism. According to Brent Harris, Director of Governance and Global Affairs, Facebook is investing a whopping $130 million in a new oversight board that will make very crucial decisions regarding what will be allowed on Facebook.

The decisions that even Zuckerberg cannot question!

From what is heard about it, Facebook has not named the board members for 2020 and it is due next year. The board members will make decisions considering human rights principles, privacy, freedom of expression and other important aspects.

The board members will give the final comment on what is allowed on Facebook and what is not, which is a huge decision.

The board will work as Facebook’s ‘Supreme Court’, which will have small panels. In case when some action is taken against an account on Facebook, the board will act as an entity whom they can contact.

Facebook is currently focusing on choosing the board members from a total of 1,000 nominees that will narrow down to 40 members.

All the nominees are highly competitive so it will not be an easy decision to make. The investment of $130 million will cover the next 6 months of expenses. It is expected that this decision will prove to be highly beneficial for Facebook’s status.

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