Google will soon ‘light up‘ the streets on Maps

Seems like Google is working on new development for its Maps that will show brightly lit streets at night. The new feature – dubbed as ‘Lightning’ will help the night-time travelers remain safe by avoiding streets that lack proper lighting.

XDA Developers first spotted the functionality in Maps beta release (v10.31.0). According to their findings, the streets that have optimal lightning will be marked in yellow to guide the users.

However, this is not the first time the company is bringing out a feature to make the world less scary for its users. Just a couple of years back, they integrated an SOS alert program in the Maps that will notify the users of any natural disaster in their route.

Back in June, they also introduced a ‘Stay Safer’ feature for its Indian user base. Through this protocol, the users were immediately notified if their driver strayed away from the original route.

The lightning feature is still under development, so there were no screenshots available for the functionality. As of now, we cannot say whether the service will be available globally or limited to specific areas of the world.

We are also curious about how Google will keep the functionality updated with changing data. Nevertheless, the feature is quite interesting and will make it easier for users to navigate at night.

Photo: Olly Curtis/Future via Getty Images

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