Google Drive App Joins The 5 Billion Installs Club On Play Store

Google does not need any introduction when it comes to its products. No matter if you are using YouTube, Maps or any other application – Google always manages to satisfy its customers.

Long gone are the days, when it was difficult to save all your data in one place. Thanks to Google Drive, now it is easier than ever before. Since everything is saved online, people are always skeptical to use such applications, but with Google, the doubts are zero.

When Google Drive first came into the market, it received enormous attention, but little did anyone know that Google Drive will cross five billion installs in the future. Only the top apps stand in the list of five billion installs on Google Play Store and Google Drive has finally made it to the list. Other apps include Gmail, Google Chrome, and Facebook.

From the overall data, only 10 apps have managed to cross 5 billion installs and luckily Google Drive is one of them. Google keeps on coming with new apps and updates to make life easier for people. Although people are taking much advantage of these apps, but Google Drive makes it easier for people to save all their data while still saving some space in their phone.

If you have not tried it yet, then you are way behind time. Get your hands on it as soon as you can!

Google Drive App Joins The 5 Billion Downloads Club On Google Play Store

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