These 10 YouTube Channels Lost The Most Number of Subscribers in 2019

YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms where people share their content with the world. YouTubers are always looking for content ideas that can maximize their views and subscribers but unfortunately, some of the very famous content creators also lost the most number of subscribers in 2019. Here's a list of 10 YouTubers that lost most subscribers in 2019, based on SocialBlade data.

10. Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley launched his YouTube channel in 2007 and soon he becomes a known entertainer online. He is an author, documentary star, podcast host, LGBTQ activist and YouTuber who post challenges, Q&As, LGBTQ content and celebrity interviews.

His overall subscribers were 7 million and he lost 282,752 subscribers this year.

9. Caspar

Casper Lee is a British-South African internet star who create YouTube videos and also cofounded Influencer, an influencer marketing platform. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and posts comedy skits and videos.

His total subscribers were 7 million out of which 284,912 unsubscribed him in 2019.

8. grav3yardgirl

Bunny Meyer started her YouTube channel in 2010 and initially posted about paranormal activities and his trips to graveyards. Later she shifted her content towards fashion and makeup hacks.

Last year she started series with Shane Dawson, titled “My YouTube Channel is Dying – grav3yardgirl” to talk about the overall downfall of her channel her burnout in the process.

Her channel was subscribed by 8 million users and 287,179 subscribers stopped following her channel.

7. Jen Smith

Jen Smith coowned a popular YouTube channel PrankvsPrank and BfvsGf, where she posted videos alongside her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Michael Wellens. In 2007, the PrankvsPrank channel was launched.

In 2016 both broke up and Smith got hold of the BfvsGf YouTube channel and changed its name to Jen Smith.

The channel had 8.8 million subscribers and in 2019, 288,387 users unsubscribed her.

6. Machinima

Machinima, launched in 2000, created entertainment and video games related content. In 2016, it was taken over by Warner Bros. and in 2018 when Warner Bros. was acquired by AT&T, Machinima was shifted to a multichannel network Fullscreen of AT&T.

The channel stopped creating new content and in January 2019, all of its content was changed to Private.

It had 12 million subscribers but 310,186 unsubscribed the channel in 2019.

5. Bethany Mota

In 2009, Mota launched her beauty, makeup and lifestyle channel with the name Macbarbie07. Now she rarely posts her on YouTube Channel but has already appeared in “Dancing with the Stars” and also launched her clothing line.

Out of her 10 million subscribers, 320,365 left her channel’s subscription.

4. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress, singer and film producer who launched her YouTube channel in 2014. One of the highest-paid celebrities of India Chopra has 19 videos on her YouTube channel.

There were 500,000 subscribers on her channel and 352,454 of them unsubscribed the channel in 2019.

3. 밴쯔

A South Korean food and ASMR YouTube channel, 밴쯔 was created in 2013. It has videos of people eating food like ramen.

The channel had 2.9 million and subscribers and lost 395,753 of them this year.

2. InfantiLandia

A Spain-based children’s YouTube channel uploads videos of stop-motion, claymation and playmation.

It had 8.9 million subscribers and 409,034 of them unsubscribed in 2019.

1. Zoella

Zoe Sugg started her YouTube channel with the name Zoella in 2007 where she posted videos about makeup beauty and lifestyle. Since then, Sugg has launched many books and also introduced her own skincare products.

She lasted posted a YouTube video on her main channel in June 2018 but at the time she posts vlogs on her other YouTube channel, Zoe Sugg. Apart from this, she owns a social media marketing company, A to Z Creatives.

Zoella had 11.5 million subscribers and in 2019, 429,401 unsubscribed the channel.

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