Should you charge your phone overnight? Conflict of views between the battery makers and smartphone vendors!

Most of us are guilty of keeping our phones on charge overnight or keeping them plugged in – well after it has reached 100%.

But did you know that this might affect the quality of lithium-ion batteries that are equipped in your phones?

Dominik Schulte, of BatterieIngenieure – a Germany based battery-technology consultancy firm said that the habit of overcharging phones and keeping it on charge for long periods of time can have a negative effect on battery life. And with time, it becomes less efficient in delivering power to your device.

However, the companies that make smartphones think otherwise.

In fact, cellphone manufacturers are not very concerned about overcharging phone or any negative behavior it may execute.

When contacted, Google's spokesperson said that the phenomenon related to ‘overcharging’ is very outdated. Especially now, with technology advancements part of every new phone. The representative of tech giant further explained that a device’s internal battery stops charging when the phone reaches its 100% limit.

But yes, the tech giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Google did agree on one thing: that is to always keep phone battery at around 30 – 50% when not planning to use it for an extended time.

The same information is included on the battery page of Apple and Samsung’s website, where they both recommend keeping phones half-charged when storing for the long term.

The takeaway point here is to fully charge the phone in the morning – to last you the whole day. However, Schulte suggests that smartphone owners avoid storing the phone for overnight at 100%, despite the vendor’s casualness for the issue.

How do you maintain the battery of your phone? Do you leave it plugged in overnight or simply remove from the charger when it reaches 100%? Do let us know in the comments below!

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