Google Begins 'Feature Drop' - Brings Robocall Screening & Much More To Pixel Devices

Pixel phones have always been the talk of the town mostly because of how Google never stops to show off their abilities with larger than life features encapsulated into the smartphone.

Hence, moving forward with the similar aim through their program “feature drops”, the company now aims to go even bigger and better as Google has officially rolled out with number of key updates and new portrait mode features, but the one feature that definitely seems to bring more ease for the users is robocall screening.

Exclusive to Pixel 4 owners, the fancy robocall screening will now automatically first detect the robocall for you and then later decline it. Although it is not entirely a new concept as Google phones were already capable of doing manual screen calling with the help of voice assistant but with this much needed update would just make the process automatic now for unknown numbers.

After ringing once, the feature offers an initial transcript from the person calling. Now the choice remains to be yours whether you want to attend the call or simply swipe away to spam. However, sometimes you need better options than that and we hope Google will plan to work on them later.

Going beyond that, users will also get to see a portrait mode update for Google Photos. If you have the app installed on your phone then you can now apply a portrait mode effect to a photo of any person which was shot normally before. As the changes to photo will be done with artificial intelligence and actual depth data, we will have to wait and see how good Google has been with this one. But we personally have got our hopes high as Google is already the leader of smartphone photography so adding depth of field option would be just one of their cool achievements again.

There will also be new video framing effects and quality improvements for Duo video chats along with better Recorder app to the Pixel 2, 3, and 3A, Live Caption to the 3 and 3A, and some Digital Wellbeing updates.

Google has also promised of a “memory management” update on all Pixel devices as this will now “proactively compress” background apps while making multi-tasking smooth. This improvement definitely seems to be a response to all the Pixel 3 owners who criticized Google for how their flagship smartphone was just aggressively shutting down apps in the background. Although Google tried to fix it with few minor updates but there is not much that the company can possibly do with 4 GB ram.

The statement released by Google for the memory management update also seem a bit confusing as the company promised that with the recent changes Pixel phones will be able to run multiple applications at the same time - like games, streaming content and more which in the end is basic stuff and the phones are just not up to the mark in that category.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation on the schedule of when will each feature gets dropped but it will definitely be a regular affair. The ones which have recently been released will be made available to all Pixel phones in the coming weeks.

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