Google Search to Integrate Package Tracking

Google has been focusing quite a bit on expanding the things people can do with the search engine, and this often involves integrating current functionality into the service itself so that it can be done directly. A good example of this is the track package feature, a feature that incorporates a lot of different companies that you can check out and make sure that you are able to track the package that is shipping the product that you have purchased from said company.

This feature is going to be integrated into Google search, which means that now there will be a card below the search bar that can be used to find specific tracking details. All you would have to do is enter the company name followed by “package tracking”. For example, if the product you have purchased is from Amazon then your search query is going to be “Amazon package tracking”.

Once you enter this search query you will be taken to the results page, and underneath the search bar you would be able to see a card that says “Track a package”. You would have to enter your tracking number in, after which you can click on the track package button underneath.

This will lead to the card showing you all of the tracking details, with information about expected delivery date, the status of the delivery as well as a wide variety of other pieces of information being shown to you in this regard. This information will come from the service provider, which means that Google will be collaborating with various eCommerce entities in order to provide this kind of user experience.

This shows just how essential Google is to the world of tech, with other huge tech companies benefiting from the kinds of services Google can end up providing both them as well as their customers.

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