YouTube and FTC’s Regulation – More clarification required by FTC to help Content Creators Understand COPPA Rules

In September, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission fined YouTube with $170 million based on the violation of COPPA ruling. Based on what YouTube just went through, they asked the FTC to provide more clarification about COPPA ruling to the content creators. The creators are facing trouble to clearly identify child-related content on YouTube. Giving accurate instructions might help them in the future.

Even though YouTube is playing its part to help them label their videos or channels. For instance, the creators can tag channel or certain videos as child-directed. Note that, no personal data is collected for child-directed content on YouTube. Creators cannot leverage much from this advertising source anymore.

YouTube is trying its best, but the creators are confused as anything. It is extremely difficult to identify content child-related or not. For instance, family vlogging, toy reviews etc. seems to be apt for children, but they might be not well-suited. You can never tell the difference!

FTC has already decided to hold creators responsible for future violations. In such a situation, YouTube’s only advice to creators is to engage their lawyers in the process to avoid any trouble. Additionally, YouTube believes that if FTC could clarify the instructions more, the creators might be able to detect the difference in a much better way.

Kids can’t watch adults content, but adults can watch kids’ content. What’s to be done about that? YouTube is asking FTC to shed light on this important matter. It can deliberately take away creators profits and earnings. Apart from it, YouTube asks FTC to explain what to do about the videos that are not intentionally targeting kids? There are much chaos and fewer answers.

In November, FTC gave some instructions, but they are not enough for the creators. YouTube is okay with adults watching child’s content, but they must confirm that they are 18 or above.

YouTube submitted statements as FTC’s comment period is up. The deadline is 11th December 2019 so better hurry than wait. Also, people can submit their comments via email: with COPPA Comment in the subject line.

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