YouTube notifies users about its revised Terms of Services

If you logged in on YouTube then you might have seen the updated Terms of Services (ToS) message by YouTube. According to the message, the updated ToS will be displayed on the website from next month. The message comes with an OK and Review option. You can ignore the message by pressing OK, but pressing Review will direct you to the page showing a summary of revised ToS.

The message can be clearly seen on the Home page of YouTube. The summary shows no changes in how YouTube manages user’s information under the “Your Use of the Service” section. Google is very transparent about the changes that will soon start to affect the people on YouTube, however, they have mentioned it that they are more committed than ever. Google will give notice to the users before the changes start to affect them in any way.

Some other changes are related to the termination of accounts. YouTube has been very upfront about this new update and has mentioned a thorough and detailed answer on why they would terminate their Agreement with bad actors. YouTube shows that they will give notice to the people about termination so they can challenge it if we are wrong.

Apart from it, there are instructions to help you leave this platform if you wish to no longer use it. There are a number of changes that updated ToS will bring; however, it is yet to see how they will affect the people.

YouTube notifies users about its revised Terms of Services

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