Apple Apps of the Year Awards 2019 – Here are the top iOS Apps and Games

With 2019 leaving us, Apple announces best apps and games of the year. Some of the apps in the awards list are famous; whereas, they are other small and large developers whose efforts stood out this year. Netflix, YouTube, and Instagram stood on top of the charts of free downloads for iPads and iPhones.

Apple announced the “App of the Year” and “App trend of the Year” awards for iPads, iPhones, Mac and Apple TV. Several top games were also announced by Apple this year, which included a special award named “Apple Arcade Game of the Year”. In this award, Apple’s $4.99-a-month subscriptions were listed.

The awards were awarded to the best games, apps, and trends after thorough scrutiny by Apple’s App Store Editors. Apart from awarding the top best, Apple also remembered the winners of the last year by giving them a shout out on the App Store’s homepage.

Apple named Spectre Camera from Lux Optics and Flow from Moleskine to be the best apps for iPhone app and iPads, respectively. Apart from it, a graphics app from Serif Labs was named as the best Mac app. The Explorers were named as the best Apple TV app by Apple.

Coming to the games – Sky: Children of the Light was given the title of the best game of the year. Also, Heart machine and Abylight’s Hyper Light Drifter was also named as the best iPad game. Apple named Gris as the best Mac game of the year. Lastly, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap was named as the best Apple TV game of the year.

Coming to the Apple Arcade game of the year – Sayonara Wild Hearts stole the show at the Apple’s crowning. App trend of the year was awarded to ‘Storytelling Simplified’; however, Apple also appreciated Wattpad, Anchor, Stellar, Over, and Unfold for providing a good platform.

From the games based on traditional console games, Blockbusters Reimagined was named as a game trend by Apple this year. Check out the whole list for the Apple awards below!

Top free iPhone apps

10. Amazon - Shopping made easy
9. Google Maps - Transit & Food
8. Facebook
7. Netflix
6. Gmail - Email by Google
5. Messenger
4. TikTok - Make Your Day
3. Snapchat
2. Instagram
1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

Top paid iPhone apps

10. Toca Hair Salon 3
9. Sky Guide
8. Procreate Pocket
7. Afterlight - Photo Editor
6. TouchRetouch
5. AutoSleep Tracker for Watch
4. The Wonder Weeks
3. Dark Sky Weather
2. HotSchedules
1. Facetune

Top free iPhone games

10. AMAZE!!
9. Roller Splat!
8. Fortnite
7. Wordscapes
6. Polysphere - art of puzzle
5. BitLife - Life Simulator
4. Call of Duty: Mobile
2. Color Bump 3D
1. Mario Kart Tour

Top paid iPhone games

10. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
9. Bloons TD 5
8. Stardew Valley
7. The Game of Life
6. Rebel Inc.
5. Geometry Dash
4. Bloons TD 6
3. Plague Inc.
2. Heads Up!
1. Minecraft

Top free iPad apps

10. Calculator 
9. TikTok - Make Your Day
8. Facebook
7. Gmail - Email by Google
6. Messenger
5. Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies
4. Google Chrome
3. Amazon Prime Video
2. Netflix
1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream

Top paid iPad apps

10. Affinity Designer
9. LumaFusion
8. PDF Expert 7: PDF Editor
7. XtraMath
6. Toca Life: Neighborhood 
5. Toca Hair Salon 3
4. Duet Display
3. GoodNotes 5
2. Notability
1. Procreate 

Top free iPad games

10. Helix Jump
9. Tiles Hop - EDM Rush
8. Wordscapes
7. Polysphere - art of puzzle
6. Fortnite
5. Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game
4. Color Bump 3D
3. 2
1. Roblox

Top paid iPad games

10. Bendy and the Ink Machine
9. Terraria
8. Heads Up!
7. The Game of Life
6. Stardew Valley
5. Amazing Frog?
4. Plague Inc.
3. Bloons TD 6
2. Geometry Dash
1. Minecraft

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