Apple’s iOS 13 needed more bug fixes than any other software update

Apple's iOS is used by a lot of people all around the world. iPhone users rarely switch to Android due to its excellent performance. If you are an Apple user, then you must know what I am talking about!

Apple has been in the market for a long time and has sold millions of iPhone all over the world. They keep updating their software so that people can take more advantage of it. Apart from it, the bug fixes further improve the operating system.

Recently, Apple gave out its latest iPhone software update, i.e. iOS 13 along with their iOS 11 updates. These new updates brought improved user interface and introduced new features in the phone. However, all those who were on this software update reported several bugs.

Often the apps were not working properly or downloading was slow along with various interface errors and cellular signal issues. Apple’s software update required more fixes than any of their updates.

Bloomberg collected data on iOS’s update and showed that there have been 8 bug fixes within 2-months of software release. Which shows that iOS 13 has been the most unpolished update by Apple till today!

The report further showed the number of bug fixes that each of the software updates required. According to the report:
  • iOS 7 required only 4 bug fixes
  • iOS 8 also settled on 4 bug fixes
  • iOS 9 being on number 2 required only 3 bug fixes
  • iOS 10 settled on 5 bug fixes
  • iOS 11 required 6 bug fixes
  • iOS 11 only required 2 bug fixes
  • iOS 13 being on top required 8 bug fixes in two months
The data showed that iOS 12 was the best software update by Apple until now. With so many updates coming with one software update, iPhone is losing its charm to serve their best.

Apple needs to work harder and experiment a lot on their updates to refrain from so many bug fixes. Making usage easier must be the number one priority of any mobile company. So, if Apple continues to be so complicated to use, then users might look for new options.

But, one thing is the fact that you will not find any users to be such hardcore fans of a brand than Apple users. No matter the price or the bugs, if you are an Apple user then you stay one.

Let’s see how much bug fixes iOS 13 will require in the future!

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