Beware! This Android Chat App Might be Spying on You

Back in May, security researchers at TrendMicro revealed that a website that was using a fake domain that was pretending to be associated with Google was trying to spy on you. It turns out that now this website is offering a chat app to unsuspecting users, and if you downloaded this app chances are that you are being spied on right at this very point in time whether or not you realize what is truly happening to you.

The name of the chat app is Chatrious, and if you download it, it will install CallerSpy malware onto your Android device. While the app was outed in May as malware that you should never download, it turns out that the app is back again under a different name. The name of the app is now Apex App, and once again it is being spread through a fake Google domain name. You can figure out that this domain name is fake by checking the name carefully. It looks like a Google page but it has an extra O in it which Google pages never have.

The CallerSpy tech that this app is going to install on your phone will make it possible for external malicious actors to access your call logs and take screenshots, all of which is sensitive data that could potentially end up in the wrong hands which is something that you are obviously not going to want to have to go through. It’s important to be very careful when you are downloading an app, and make sure that the source of the app is reliable and safe. Using trusted apps is a good way of preventing such instances from occurring, although it’s fair to say that in the modern internet there are countless ways in which a malicious actor might just end up targeting you all in all.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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