YouTube Might Delete Your Account If It Is Not 'Commercially Viable'

YouTube, the online video streaming website has issued new guidelines that will be applicable from December 10th. There are multiple changes in the guidelines, terms, and conditions but some of them are really making the content creators worried. In the section mentioned under “Account Suspension & Termination”, the company has clearly mentioned that YouTube might terminate the account of the user on YouTube or even restrict the Google account access to their services if they feel that the services that they are providing are not commercially viable.

This raises a lot of questions about the future of YouTube and especially the future of content creators. Although a little bit vague, but this section explains that YouTube is thinking of deleting your account if they feel your account is not giving enough benefit, profit or generating them good business. It seems that YouTube has had enough of the side hustlers who were trying to make it to the market through YouTube. YouTube will now asses the success of the YouTuber through the advertisements and profit it can pull through the video and if they feel the generated profit is lower than expected, they might delete the account or restrict the access. This means that in case the content creator uploads a live stream that doesn’t pull enough viewers, this might end up in the form of disabling the account. However, this part is a little vague as this is not just addressing the content creators but also the account owners who are just users. This might also mean that users who look at a lot of content but do not monetize might also lose their accounts.

Apart from this, people who are promoting hate speech through content might also lose their accounts. This step has been especially intended for people who are spreading hate speech against the black community or spreading white supremacy through their content. Another important thing to be noticed is that terms also specify that they might also termite the Google account of the user which means that the user is also at risk of losing Gmail account, Google photos as well as documents that are attached to the email ID attached to the YouTube account.

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