Study: Up to one third have considered leaving Facebook!

According to a recent report published by Audience Project, there is observable drop in the popularity of Facebook in US, UK, Denmark and Finland. Around 33 percent users have stopped using this application.

However, according to the study, loss would not be too much because users are shifting from Facebook to Instagram and WhatsApp to get more personalized content and both of them are owned by Mr. Zuckerberg.

The report further highlights that users are looking for more trustworthy platforms and application to get information and current updates. Therefore, news app such as BBC are in the top 10 most used apps in Nordic countries and UK.

This chart shows the percentage of people saying that Facebook is one of their most indispensable apps

It looks that users are tired of using Facebook and fake news. Users aged 25 years or younger, do not have any problem with the absence of Facebook. After all, they have now Instagram, eye candy because people like visual content more than written posts!

However, other studies and reports shows that, older people are using app more than youngsters. They get chance to connect with their old friends, relatives and information too.

There is too much diversity in percentage of people using Facebook due to which advertisers and agencies are facing difficulty to target audience for their brand.

The folks over at AudienceProject have surveyed 13,000 people of select countries to compiled the responses that give insights and assist in predicting future of Facebook.

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