Study reveals micro influencers are highly trusted amongst the Gen Z

It has long been established that the younger generation is an ideal candidate for influencer marketing, who are always inspired by the choices made by their favorite social media stars.

A recent research by Morning Consult shows that a growing interest in this career path is beneficial for brands that are looking to amplify their messages online – in an affordable way.

Several other types of research in the past has shown positive outcomes when used social media marketing through influencers rather than going for traditional advertising methods – that often comes with a huge cost.

Influencers are more trusted than celebrities as brand spokespeople

Take Popeyes’ for example. Their new fried chicken sandwich sold out within two weeks of its launch – all thanks to Twitter marketing. Similarly, the hard seltzer brand White Claw had to pull back its media budget - after gaining a lot of popularity via videos and memes created by different influencers.

Today, micro-influencers make up for 40% of the brand’s annual influencers budget while the celebrity influencer budget is allocated at 28% - as per a survey made by Rakuten Marketing in March.

Of course, it is important that the brands recognize the demographics and their preferred social media channels before implementing the marketing protocol.

According to Morning Consult, the age group between 13 to 16-year-olds prefers to use TikTok instead of Facebook, the world's leading social media network. Another popular destination for the young teenagers is Twitch, the live streaming platform owned by Amazon.

On the other hand, videos related to gaming and fitness is more enjoyed by men on YouTube while the women prefer Instagram to follow beauty and fashion accounts. It has also been seen that several social media celebrities such as PewDiePie, the famed YouTuber has the same level of following as NBA star LeBron James and Kylie Jenner.

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