YouTube CEO Urges Content Creators to Take Breaks

It’s fair to say that YouTube would not be as big of a platform as it is today without the countless creators that are producing content for the world's biggest video search engine, content that many users find to be engaging, interesting and above all else far preferable from what they might be getting on their TV screens. It provided an alternative for users that were fed up with the same kind of content being fed to them day in and day out, and as a result of this fact YouTube grew to the size that it is today.

However, one major problem that is affecting the creator community has to do with burnout. The way that earning money on YouTube specifically works is that when you upload a video, a portion of the ad revenue from that video is paid to you by YouTube. This means that if you skip a day of uploading, you will miss out on those earnings. The more you upload, the more you earn.

This poses a real issue because there is only so much that you can create on a regular basis. Many YouTube creators are suffering from burnout due to the pressure of having to create constantly, and this is leading to numerous creators not being able to make any more content.

YouTube has been dealing with this in a lot of ways such as adding more earning mechanisms for creators to take advantage of, but YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has tried to take matters into her own hands by urging creators to take time off.

Creators often worry that they will lose their audience if they don’t post constantly, but YouTube's internal research has indicated that this is not the case. A creator can take a break and come back and their audience would still be there for them.
"Across millions of channels and hundreds of different time frames for breaks, the same thing was true: On average, channels had more views when they returned than they had right before they left. If you need to take some time off, your fans will understand. After all, they tune into your channel because of you.", explained Wojcicki in year end letter.

YouTube highlighted in a blog post that, "Compared to last year, the number of creators with a million or more subscribers has grown 65 percent, and creators earning five or six figures, annually, has increased more than 40 percent.", plus, "In the last year alone, YouTube team launched over 2,500 updates on its platform."

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