26 Percent of Social Media Users Have Created a Fake Profile Somewhere

A new study by Secure Life has revealed just how often people tend to lie in a wide variety of situations. Whether it is to get a job, sway public opinion a certain way or do a wide variety of things all of which involve having to lie, people take part in falsehoods all the time, and the new blog post we are talking about used a survey of about 500 people to reveal just how often this is the case.

The important thing to remember here is that as far as social media is concerned, it turns out that around 26% of people have created a fake social media profile somewhere. The reasons for this could be quite varied, and the other stats that were revealed were even more disconcerting.

For example, dating profiles are something that a lot of people use in order to get romantically involved with someone or find somebody or the other that they would ideally want to try and spend the rest of their life with. Hence it is quite important to try and ascertain how exactly you would go about giving this information out, but 23% of respondents admitted to having lied on a dating profile. This is actually not all that surprising because most people tend to lie in order to find someone that they can be with.

Over 22% of people have also lied on their job applications with nearly 18% having lied on their rental applications. It’s understandable that someone would want to do this since for the most part everyone needs a job with a stable income that they can rely on and everyone needs a place to stay, but as information like this becomes widely available people will probably start taking background checks more often.

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