YouTube homepage update is not something you would have expected

Remember amazing different video sections on YouTube’s homepage? All are gone!

If you loved watching YouTube videos then this will be a disaster for you. This fact is not even exaggerated and you can see it for yourself.

The new YouTube’s homepage update is worse than ever and the worst part is that you cannot do anything to change it.

Most of the time, we as users have to stick to the changes, but what if they are just unbearable? You cannot do anything but to adjust them. I am not jumping to conclusions, but this definitely affects the user base of YouTube!

The changes in YouTube’s homepage makes it difficult to browse videos like before. There is a long list of Recommended videos that continues to the bottom of the page. Before this, the homepage was broken down into sections and videos that were suggested for you, but now it’s just videos!

Before this update, the algorithmic recommendations would be at the top consisting of videos that you were interested in. Mostly, the recommendations were based on your interests, but right now the videos are not what you might expect!

There are rumors that YouTube might bring some changes back to the homepage, but nobody can tell if this new design will ever be back.

YouTube has confirmed to The Verge that they are bringing new changes to the homepage, which will redefine the user experience. However, the new update is doing nothing but drawing people away from YouTube. You can check a long list of bad reviews on YouTube’s homepage on Reddit.

Content creators are also crucially affected by this new update. They always try ways to drive traffic on their channel, but changing the homepage has made it a bit difficult. Creators have to use longer titles to drive traffic to their channel. It can be challenging, for sure!

Before this update, YouTube felt like it works according to the user’s needs but it’s not tailored to them anymore. You will get tired of viewing a pool of videos you are not interested in. In short words, browsing is not fun anymore on YouTube!

YouTube should consider the user’s feedback to improve their performance. Not everything needs to be changed, especially the homepage!

Is YouTube's homepage update irritating you?

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