YouTube Clears Up Confusion Regarding Terms of Service

YouTube as a video search engine is pretty reliant on users that are trying to create content on the platform. This is because of the fact that a lot of people that use YouTube do so because they can find content that they relate to or are entertained by, and this is why the video streaming service started to offer ad revenue shares to these content creators in order to provide them with a way to start earning money that would help sustain their careers, thereby creating the concept of a “YouTuber” and "Influencer" in the world of media.

However, recent changes to YouTube’s terms of service have made a lot of YouTubers, especially newer creators, rather nervous about the kind of future they might have on Google-owned platform. The concern among these YouTubers is that if they are not as profitable and don’t bring in a large amount of revenue, they might no longer be allowed to make content on YouTube or they might be removed from the YouTube partner program which would effectively end their careers and make it impossible for them to continue on any other platform because no platform has the kind of audience that YouTube has to offer.

However, YouTube has clarified that this change is not going to impact creators, and that it is only meant to apply to Google properties. This is definitely going to give content creators on the platforms the chance to take a sigh of relief. Their source of income is often under threat, and they will be glad to know that they no longer have to worry about things like this impacting them, at least in the short term. Users that were concerned that their accounts would be suspended if they used ad blockers will also not have to worry about anything because the terms of service do not apply to them either.

Yet social media users criticizing YouTube for just providing explanations instead of actually updating the ToS page.

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