Twitter Asks Users for Help With Deepfakes Policy

Deepfakes have been making the rounds for quite some time now, and pretty much everyone is unanimous in saying that manipulated content is rather disconcerting. One really notorious deepfake that was making the rounds involved Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a very damning video that made it seem like she was drunk which, even though the video was fake, ended up sparking a lot of vitriol that was sent the Speaker’s way.

As a result of this fact, Twitter has decided that it will be crafting a policy on deepfakes that would allow the platform to mark media that contain doctored content as distortions, provide a little more information about the image or video and that readers can use before they end up sharing said post and also allow the platform to remove deepfake videos that it finds to be particularly damaging.

This is very important because as this technology starts to become more widely available, and increasing number of people are going to want to use it to cause all kinds of mischief, and this might turn social media platforms into a breeding ground for videos designed to damage reputations and at the same time spread misinformation which can obviously very valuable to people that would be able to obtain political superiority due to this information.

Twitter is asking its users to help them develop a deepfakes policy, with the reason for this being that it is the users who are ultimately going to benefit or suffer from this policy based on how well it has been made. It is a good thing that Twitter is asking users for their help and opinions because corporations that try to make changes without consulting users often end up making changes that harm the user experience rather than making it better which is what it’s ideally supposed to be doing.

Photo: Wichayada / FreePik

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