YouTube Studio Gets End of Year Update

YouTube Studio is a big part of the video sharing platforms efforts to help its creators manage content. The purpose of the studio is to facilitate people that are trying to make the most of the content that they have been working on by providing them with a centralized dashboard in which they can edit and alter this content and give it a bit more of a professional touch, something that is becoming increasingly integral to the content creating experience all in all.

One big change that came to YouTube earlier this year involved the YouTube studio becoming the default starting point for anyone that was trying to become a creator on the platform. If someone wanted to use the classic Creator Studio then they could do so by clicking a link.

An update that is soon coming to YouTube is going to be quite important because of what it implies about the fate of Classic Creator Studio and the emphasis that YouTube is currently placing on YouTube Studio all in all. The update in question will remove the option to switch to the classic mode.
"This is the first step in sunsetting the Classic version, but we won’t remove access to Creator Studio Classic for the rest of the creator community until early next year. At that time, this change will happen slowly and we’ll notify each creator two weeks in advance of when the change happens for their channel.", announced Camilla form Team YouTube.

It should be noted that this change is only going to come to about one percent of users, and it will be restricted to only those users that have already moved on to YouTube Studio and no longer use the classic version. However, according to YouTube this is the beginning of the end for Old Creator Studio as the video streaming platform will slowly begin phasing out the classic version over time. However, if you for some reason are a really big fan of the classic version of this feature rest assured that it will still be available for you to use for quite some time since YouTube is not going to get rid of it this year.
"We’re making this switch because Classic was built on older technology that doesn’t allow us to fix technical issues or introduce new features you’ve requested as quickly as we’d like. We know it can be hard to change the tools you work with every day, but we believe this new foundation will enable us to innovate more quickly on your behalf.", explained Google in a YouTube Help forum page.

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