With Google Search, User Can Now See Pronunciation of Complex Words

Pronouncing a word can be a tricky sometimes even for native language speakers, most of the readers mispronounce multiple words wrong because of the difference in their geographical location as well as the ways they emphasize another letter in the same word. The main issue as highlighted by most of the people is that the person who mispronounces word might have learned the word through reading. The easiest way to know about the pronunciation of a word is to Google it, but sometimes even after hearing the word, it is quite difficult to stop stressing on one letter or skipping a letter. To address this issue, Google has introduced a new feature that not only provides pronunciation for the correct word but it also helps in correcting the word when the reader tries to pronounces it.

When the user searches about the pronunciation of the word, Google shows the pronunciation of the word along with the phonetic spelling as well as an option to listen to the pronunciation of the word to help the reader understand the pronounce it well. For someone trying to learn a new language, this feature will specifically help as this facilitates the practice process. There is a small option of practice and on selecting that option there is real-time feedback for the way the reader pronounces the word. There will be more accent options but right now there are just two accent options, American and British. Also, there will be more language options that will soon be available on the website. Along with all these things, Google is also adding the images for each noun to help in facilitating the new language learners.

According to Tal Snir, Senior Product Manager, Google Search, this tool was designed after making improvements in machine-learning as well as speech-recognition technology. With the right use of technology, Google has tried to breakdown the query of the searcher into different soundbites and then they compared the pronunciation of users to the actual pronunciation that was expected from them. With the right use of speech recognition, the feedback is given that corrects the pronunciation and this tool will be useful for new language learners.

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