Facebook Gaming Now Allow Raising Funds Through Livestream

Facebook Gaming is now allowing content creators to collect funds while they livestream on the platform, for their preferred charity organization.

Partnered and Facebook Gaming level up content creators can now use the charity livestream tools in areas where Facebook has made fundraising tools available. Content creators first have to select the charity they want to support while streaming and then set a donation goal. A donation progress bar also has to be enabled to check the donation alerts in chat window and at top of the stream.

Facebook Gaming product manager, Brittni Liyange said Facebook has been trying the charity livestream tools from almost a year with 25 gaming content creators. During this time, content creators were able to raise $180,000.

Before GivingTuesday, 3rd December, Facebook is aiming to collect $7 million for U.S. nonprofit organizations through charity system. Some of the donations will be collected through gaming livestream on the same day.

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