Twitter tests new feature to help users engage more on the platform

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms with millions of users. You can easily connect to your friends, family, celebrities and much more by just clicking the “follow” button.

Twitter keeps updating their features and adding new ones to let people have the best experience on the platform. Connecting on Twitter is pretty easy, with a lot of profiles on the public. You can reply to anyone and connect with anyone.

To make it easier for you, Twitter is experimenting with a “Connect” discovery page and a Reddit-like conversation tree for users.

According to the screenshots shared by Jane Manchun Wong (an app researcher), the Connect discovery page will be available on Twitter Web for people using the desktop version. This new update will help them to find people that they might know or interest them.

Apart from it, the Reddit-like reply tree layout helps in keeping a track of any conversation. When you are having a long conversation on Twitter, it often becomes difficult to detect who replied to whom, and this new design will be handy in those situations.

These two new updates will surely turn out to be good for Tweeters. Let’s see how everyone will react to them.

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