Facebook Is Introducing New Monetization Options For Content Creators

Facebook has introduced some updated monetization options for video content creators. In June 2018, it launched “Brand Collabs Manager” that let content creators and advertisers to come together and create content in partnership. This feature is now available in more than 40 countries.

Kate Orseth, Video Product manager and Jeff Birkeland, Facebook's head of creator and publisher experience, described in a blog post how the Ad Breaks monetization option of the platform is now available with Brand Collabs Manager.

There are certain criteria that creators must meet to be able to use Brand Collabs Manager. Creators must have 1,000 followers and in the last two months should have at least one of these achievements:

1. 15,000 engagements on the posts.

2. Videos that are of three or more minutes long should have at least 30,000 one-minute views or viewed for 180,000 minutes in total.

Orseth and Birkeland also ensured that a few more improvements will be made on the next month regarding the organic and paid insights. It will let advertisers know more details about the branded content posts.

The company will also add new data visualization in the dashboard of Creators Studio. It will allow managing and monetizing the content and also track the performance of it.

Content creators and publishers will be able to get detailed insight through Traffic Source Insights that will let them see the way their content is distributed on the platform. They will also be able to optimize the content for every source.

The metrics for video watch time and retention will be divided into four main sources; followers, shares, paid and recommended. Metrics aggregate can be viewed as well as the top videos can also be seen for every source in certain time range.

Also, Creator Studio will allow publish content on Instagram directly from desktop.

Through Tag Instagram Accounts options, content creators will be able to tag feed photos and the carousal posts’ photos. After the posts are published, users will be able to tap the tags.

Posts with tagged brand partners will have header of “Paid partnership with”. The tagged brand partners will be able to see the reach and engagement of the posts in page insights of their Facebook.

The comments section on Instagram posts can be turned off with Creator Studio.

The Stars feature of Facebook is also updated that let content creators generate revenue from fans directly. Content creators will now be able to see in real-time, the viewers who send Stars during live videos, especially the top three viewers who sent most stars. Star Goals feature can also be used to set a target for public, according to the number of Stars content creators want.

The platform is bringing many new features that will content creators in making their work much easier to manage.

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