Antitrust case failed us against Android, Bill Gates reveled

It is true and now confirmed that humans cannot be satisfied with anything, whether it is too much wealth, success or authority which Bill Gates had right now, but still, he wants to be a part of the race.

Recently, in the conference, the CEO of Microsoft said that that there would be Windows Mobile in every phone if the company would not be tangled in an antitrust case that was filed against the company in the early 2000s by US Justice Department.

In The New York Times’ DealBook Conference, Gates further expressed his view that the case proved to be “bad” for Microsoft as it snatched away the chance from them to be winner of OS of mobile too. He continued that the case “distracted” him too much otherwise Microsoft was “focused” to make OS for mobiles; therefore, Android is ruling right now. The co-founder spoke about the past that the company was “three months late” to introduce the technology in Motorola which it had used due to which, today no one knows about Windows Phone.

However, it was unclear what model he was talking about but it can be predicted that he might be talking about the Droid series which had Android for the first time.

Although the company is putting the whole blame on the antitrust case, Microsoft, itself, had done mistakes too. They charge original equipment manufacturers or OEMs for using Windows Mobile or their OS but Android does not. Their important components are present for everyone to use for free of cost.

In 2005, Google bought Android and have been selling its components to other companies for the whole it is getting necessary to have utilization of Android.

It is not the first time that Gates told about the mistakes of his company but he also told in another conference that he lost $400 billion against Android.

The company integrated its system in Nokia’s smartphone but it went unsuccessful.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to give up on working on its Windows Phone and Mobile. The company has planned to use the winner’s system in its upcoming Surface Duo.

Microsoft is one of the companies in Silicon Valley which has the highest revenue. The company is ruling the world’s computers and PCs with its Windows.

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Featured photo credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images
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