The Most Popular Search on Bing Is Hilarious

Remember Bing? It seems like Microsoft’s attempt to maintain at least some kind of foothold in the world of search engines is still continuing, but in spite of the fact that Microsoft is definitely one of the big five tech companies in the world right now it has not managed to come anywhere near the supremacy that Google has managed to attain as far as search engines are concerned. Even the rapidly failing Yahoo has managed to succeed more than Bing, and a latest piece of information that has come out regarding what people are searching on Bing will make you laugh and also feel sorry for this search engine that seems like it only wants to belong.

The top search query that people put into Bing is “Google”, which is hilarious because of the fact that it seems that the primary use that people have for this search engine is to try and get to its biggest competitor. The second most searched query is YouTube, which makes more sense since people tend to use search engines to get to sites like these. However, the fact that YouTube is a Google owned entity will probably add even more insult to injury. Even the fourth most popular search query in Bing is for a Google owned property, namely Gmail. It seems like Outlook won’t be getting any love from the average consumer, and Google is still going to be able to call itself the undisputed king of the internet!

If you truly want to see how much Microsoft might be struggling, the fifth most popular search query finally involves something to do with Bing’s parent company but even that involves people trying to get help on problems they are facing with Windows 10, which is possibly the funniest part of all of this!

Top 10 Bing Searches

Data courtesy of: Ahrefs.

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