Facebook, YouTube, Instagram: Top Google Searches from Third Quarter 2019 Revealed

One can understand a lot about what’s on people’s minds by checking out what they are searching for on the various search engines that are available on the internet at any given point in time. Since Google is perhaps the single biggest search engine that the internet has to offer, checking out the various searches that people are making on it can provide some unique insight into the mindset of the average internet user as well as the thought processes of the world at large.

The most widely used search query in this quarter was the keyword “Facebook”. This could indicate a lot of different things. Some might assume that this means that Facebook still has quite a strong hold over the people that are using the internet at this point in time but another thing to realize is that Facebook has been undergoing quite a few scandals as of late. Hence, a lot of the searches being made might just have to do with those scandals rather than Facebook expanding its reach.

The next two most popular search queries were Google and YouTube, with Video and You following shortly thereafter. Since video would probably take you to YouTube as well, it’s fair to say that Google as well as its various properties are experiencing quite a bit of popularity at this point in time all things considered.

The next two most popular search queries are News and Weather. This also reveals something about Google. What it reveals is that Google is still a very popular way for people to access basic information such as this, and this shows that the power that Google has on the internet does not seem like it will abate anytime soon. Instagram and Whatsapp are also in top 20 most Googled keywords.

If you want to learn more about the top Google searches from the 3rd quarter, check out the top 20 searches in below chart.

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram: Top Google Searches from Third Quarter 2019

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