Which Celebrity Is Earning The Most On Instagram Right Now? (Stats Included)

Before we break the surprise, today we want to quote the example of Christiano Ronaldo. While I’m quite sure that you would be a fan of him or are familiar with his name, at least, due to his unmatched skills in football, you would be surprised to know that playing football is no longer Ronaldo’s major source of income. In fact, it is just a minor cut of it.

The five-time Ballon d'or/Best FIFA Men's Player has just left Madrid for Juventus without even worrying about substantial pay cut. But why?

The answer to this is simple; there has been very little effect on his income as the football legend is still one of the best paid athletes with $34 million coming to his pocket every year. This fact now leads us to what you want to know and Buzz Bingo’ stats of world's highest earners on Instagram also reveals - Ronaldo is the ultimate king when it comes to making money through paid Instagram posts.

To put it into better words, Ronaldo’s monetization powers are extraordinary as his skills on the soccer field were and therefore he bags around $47.8 million by smartly playing with paid promotions by brands on Instagram.

The second person in the list is another football superstar - Lionel Messi who also happen to have an impressive $23.3 million from Instagram posts each year Third place belongs to Kendall Jenner with $16 million. However, there is one surprise in the list, which you may call unfair, but you can only be among the top ten Instagram influencers if you are good football player or you belong to the Karadashian family. The only exception seen in the list is Selena Gomez at 6th spot.

Ronaldo asks for such a hefty amount because he has 187 million followers on the platform and hence brands like Clear Haircare and Nike Football know the value Ronaldo’s presence can bring to the value of the company and marketing results.

Price per post wise, Ronaldo gets paid $975,000 for each paid-post on his account, Messi only ask for $648,000 in comparison and Kendall Jenner couldn’t beat both with $611,000.

Follow the detailed chart below for more insights!

Which Celebrity Is Earning The Most On Instagram Right Now? (chart)
Chart courtesy of: Statista.

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