Apple Sales Touching New Heights: An Increase in the Overall Company’s Revenue

We all love iPhones but that is not enough to keep the company running. The sales of the products is what makes the company top the market. In the recent times, we witnessed a clear and major decline in iPhone sales, approximately by 9%. This came as a shock for not only Apple but for the consumers as well.

Apple’s new sales report shows that the company has earned a 4% more profit in this quarter as compared to the last one. The fourth-quarter's press release was made by Apple on 30th October in which this good news was released along with other details.

The iPhone revenue was recorded to be $33.36 billion, which is big news for Apple after facing a major decline for the last few years. Apart from it, the major revenue for the company was earned through its services including Apple Pay, iTunes, Apple Music & others.

The paid subscriptions of Apple have also increased to 450 million from 330 million as compared to the 2018’s fiscal report. Apple has also revealed that it earned $64.04 billion in sales, which is record-breaking!

After the release of this report, Apple TV+ was launched by the company, which is the original content streaming product.

Such high revenue means good news for stakeholders as well. The whooping revenue earned by Apple cause $3.03 per diluted share, which has raised from $2.91 since last year.

Other products by Apple such as AirPods, Apple Watch, and Beats generated outstanding revenue for the company. The recorded growth of these products’ sales was around 40%.

In short, the Apple services are a major area from which the company is earning stunning profits. Let’s see what’s next in Apple’s product list next year!

Charts courtesy of: Statista.

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