1 Out of 3 Americans Don’t Know How the Internet Works

A poll that was recently conducted for the website HighSpeedInternet revealed that a lot of people don’t actually know that much about how the internet works. This is actually quite surprising when you think about how big of a role the internet actually plays in our daily lives, to the point where most if not all people would simply not be able to function without having the internet at their disposal to help them out with a wide variety of tasks that they look into on a regular basis.

The survey, which polled a thousand people, had about 86% of respondents claiming that they did know how the internet worked. However, only 66% of the people that responded to the survey actually knew what the internet is and how it worked. Their responses talked about packets of information being routed between servers and computers and indicated a reasonable understanding of how the internet actually works. Other people had their own interpretations of how the internet works which were essentially not all that accurate at all if you think about it.

About a third of the people that responded to the survey thought that the internet they had on their phone was 5G which is obviously not true since the vast majority of internet users don’t even have access to 5G devices since it has not hit the wider consumer market yet.

What all of this means is that there is a lot of misinformation among people regarding a technology that is absolutely essential to the way they tend to live their lives. People need to be educated about how the internet works, and they need to be made to stay up to date on the recent developments that are occurring in the world of the internet all in all.

Survey finds 33% of Americans think they already use 5G internet

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