24 Percent of Global Users Say They Just Don't Understand Computers and New Technology

In this day and age, you have a smartphone in your hand and that eventually means the access of internet is more easy than ever for all of us. If we comprehend it even further then instead of us operating the technology for our benefits, we have reached a stage where technology is now driving our lives.

While of course, the facts mentioned above can be challenged where some of you might still believe that technology is just evolving to simplify lives, but the data related to the growth of tech angst, as a result of the same advancements is the problem here.

Before we take you to the statistics, let’s shed some light on predictions that the world believed in to be true by 2020. Going through them, we will realize some of the innovations expected earlier are still outlandish, while others have genuinely transformed the world we live in already for good.

We see our future in artificial intelligence and the incorporation of “automation” factor in various industries, but at the same time this will bring a threat to job security. For now AI exists in little things and humans have not been left to compete with intelligent apes for manual labor.

Apart from that when you have virtual appointments with doctors in the health sector or how Google and Apple is trying its best to keep the health updates right at your fist, there is an underlying risk about privacy, accuracy of information and reduction in face-to-face meetings, which in some cases are vital. But still some of consumers tend to believe that AI will only move the healthcare industry forward in a better direction.

We all have access to all the information that we want and the ones we don’t really need to hear because in the end the things that shouldn’t really disturb us, get on our minds.

With few of the major shifts in trends being stated, we are left to analyze how many of global internet users are affected by it and it turns our consumers are having a hard time in understanding computers and new technology. In fact, a bit too much when we compare it to previous years. The digits go something like this:

The source of these insights is Global Web Index which has always strived forward to present data in ways that could help connect the dots and identify problems. So, looking at the increment above, there is one thing for sure that rise in tech angst might just not be good.

24 percent of global users say they just don't understand computers and new technology

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