An All-In-One Infographic for YouTube Bumper Ads

New age Ads are all about creativity, short duration, meaningful message and creating a good reason to remember the ad rather than making people to look for the skip button.

This is something YouTube wanted to bring in when they launched their new 6-second ad format in 2016. YouTube Bumper ads open new world for advertisers to bring in creativity to increase their brand reach and awareness

What are YouTube bumper ads?

YouTube Bumper Ads are unskippable 6 second ads that plays before a YouTube video. It is one of the six ad types available in YouTube. Though other ad formats are better for longer ads that gives a deeper look into the product feature, this one takes all the highlights for its short duration.

Bumper Ads appears before a YouTube Ad and with a bit annoying fact that it cannot be skipped. This Ad type is mainly used to offer unique content, drive memorability and show unique features for a product.

Simply speaking, this six second piece is a place to burst all your creative side making the most impact for your campaign.

The Ad can be run as a standalone ad campaign, but it is ideal to combine it with TrueView Ads for the best results. Bumper Ads can be set up from Google Ads just like how we set up any other campaigns.

The cost

Like any other Ad types, bumper ads operates under a price bidding model. But you will only be charged cost per thousand impressions. The Ad price may vary from campaigns to demographics and competitiveness. You can set a daily spend limit to ensure that you are not overspending and to get the maximum CPM.

Things to Consider

Putting up a 6 second Ad sounds easy on paper. Is it really? Conveying a message in 6 second means you will have to cut down the information into tiny bits and in a way it delivers your message.
  • Focus on a single message and strip away unwanted information; Your audience should only see that matters to convey the message better in a short duration.
  • Build a story with a series of campaigns. This way you can improve your brand identity, keep your campaign fresh and increase flexibility for future Ads.
  • Sound is as relevant as the Ad. Make sure to use good audio or music to accompany the visuals.
  • You can focus on a single detail than the product since the purchase decision sometimes depends on a specific feature. E.g: A person who wants a smartphone with a good camera might purchase your phone, if your Ad just highlights your camera features and nothing more.

Look out!

For the lazy marketers who are planning to cut down their lengthy Ad to match the six second format, This is not for you! Always start a fresh campaigns with new ideas. You are halfway there!

When it comes to the text in the Ad, avoid fancy fonts that are not readable. Use fonts that are readable and that matches your Ad! For the sound, yes, It’s important as we discussed earlier, but don’t rely too much on the sound to convey the idea. Visuals always win when it comes to YouTube Ads

Ad Specifications

Video length: 6 seconds

Device availability: Shown on both mobile and desktop devices

File Type: Any file type accepted by YouTube

Delivery: Prior to a YouTube video.

The infographic developed by TechWyse, will guide you on designing the Bumper Ad with all the specifications, the Do’s and Don'ts to get you started.

Bumper Ads: A Nice Little Trick To Boost Your YouTube Ad Campaign

Some Facts before we sum up!

Nearly 9 in 10 bumper campaigns drove a significant li in Ad Recall. Source: Google Brand Li Meta Analysis, Global, 2017

When compared to a thiy-second TrueView ad, research from Ipsos shows us that a video ad sequence of three six-second ads had a significantly higher impact than single :30 TrueView ads on Ad Recall and Purchase Intent, with an increased average lift of 107% and 134%, respectively. Source: Google/Ipsos Lab Experiment, US, Nov 2018. n=7,500 people age 18-64

Globally, more than 70% of YouTube watchtime happens on mobile devices (both mobile phones and tablets). Source: YouTube Internal Data for Watchtime of YouTube by device, April 11, 2018 - June 10, 2018

Final Word

Using Bumper Ads are effective to capitalize the ever-shortening attention span of consumers and overall brand awareness. In addition, advanced targeting lets your Ad reach only to the viewers who you want your Ad to see.

Now that you know how bumper ads work, How are you planning to take advantage of the six second format?

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