YouTube Enables Auto-Playing Videos In Subscription Tab

Online videos aim to reach the maximum number of viewers. It is even more beneficial for videos if they do not have to do much to reach more consumers and this is the reason that features like autoplay and automatic video previews are introduced. In this regard, YouTube is on top in using its latest features to reach more users.

The Android app of YouTube has finally announced a feature in its latest update on Android, allowing subscriptions tab to play videos automatically, though it can be disabled as well.

The words and settings of app have been changed a little. The feature ‘Autoplay on Home’ was in the ‘Autoplay’ section of YouTube settings. Many people found it confusing as they refer to it as autoplay the next recommended video after the current video ends, instead of playing the video on home feed when user scroll through it.

The option has not been removed from the menu and shown in ‘General’ section and also renamed as ‘Muted playback in feeds’, to be clearer to users. ‘Mute’ in the option have nothing to do with the volume of the videos, videos in preview are played back as muted and will continue as it is.

Users can choose to select always on, play it using WiFi only or off it completely, like previously.

As the words are shuffled, from “on Home” to “in feed”, means that that automatic video previews will be shown in Subscriptions tab when users will scroll through it. If a user clicks the video to watch it, it will be played from where the preview ends and viewers need to go back to the start of the video to watch it with audio.

However, this automatic video playing can be disabled as well. Go to ‘General’ and turn off the ‘Muted playback in feeds’.

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  1. This works for subscription feeds and the home feed. However, now they've rolled out muted playback on search feeds as well and that can't be turned off as of yet. It's driving me crazy.

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