YouTube’s new update brings more revenue options to creators

YouTube is one of the largest growing platforms with millions of users from all over the world. YouTube is a search engine that provides a space for its users to find videos related to their queries as well as a platform for creators to make their content visible to others. From searching for videos for a new recipe of food to searching videos for guidelines of some products, YouTube covers it all. YouTube is a platform where not only viewers can search all sort of content but it’s a place for creators where they can upload their unique content and earn revenue too.

Last year at VidCon, YouTube, shared some insight about their new ideas to help creators earn more money. This year YouTube returned with the updates. YouTube is trying various ways to help make this platform a better place for all sorts of users.

Membership channels

YouTube is adding some new channel membership levels. Since last year, fans were enabled to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 in exchange for membership benefits such as exclusive live streams, extra videos, and shoutouts, etc. its updating different ways to help creator make more money and add various learning playlists too.

Additional features of this update

YouTube now offers a variety of membership levels to boost the creator’s revenue. Creators can set up to five different price points and offer various benefits with each membership category. In Super Chat fans are allowed to pay for comments to appear at the top during a Livestream. Now YouTube is adding Super Stickers which will enable users to purchase animated stickers to share during live streams and premieres as well. YouTube is also adding more partners and this will help creators to work with Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth, in addition to Teespring and they are removing its “YouTube Giving” fundraising tool out of beta. Along with these updates, YouTube introduced Learning Playlists which will allow YouTube channels to easily organize collections of videos and turn it into chapters.

YouTube will also hide recommendations for the watch page to minimize distractions for users.

Testing multiple levels

According to YouTube, Fine Brothers Entertainment tested multiple levels offers and in return, the company’s membership revenue increased to sixfold.

"YouTube creators are living proof that an open and responsible internet can change the world for the better. We’re going to continue working to give them the tools they need to do that.", said Neal Mohan, YouTube's Chief Product Officer, in a blog post.

Bottom Line

Like previous year, Most of YouTube’s announcements today are focused on helping creators to earn more money. That’s something YouTube has been working on for years. With these features, it is pretty much clear that the only aim of YouTube is to help creators earn revenue beyond ads.

YouTube announced several new features for creators at VidCon
Photo: YouTubeSpaceLA / FB Page.

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