New Features Are Coming to WhatsApp’s iOS App

WhatsApp has been adding quite a few new features as of late, and it’s ostensibly all part of the messaging app’s rebranding as a Facebook owned enterprise. While Facebook has owned WhatsApp for quite some time now, the social media platform has not really made it obvious that they own it except for a tiny line of text that most people don’t get to. However, the changes that are being made will make WhatsApp more in line with Facebook’s named properties. Some of the new features coming in are more about the user experience, and others are about integrating Facebook properties into the messaging platform.

One new feature, as spotted by WABetaInfo, that is coming is being called the blocked contact notice. Basically whenever you block someone or unblock them, you would get some kind of a message bubble that would ostensibly be used as a notification that you have performed this action. It’s important to note that only you would be able to see this confirmation bubble, and the person that you have either blocked or unblocked would not be able to view this in any way, shape or form.

The other feature that is coming is the integration of Facebook Pay into the platform. Launched earlier this month, Facebook Pay is the social media giant’s attempt to unify transactions across its various properties. A lot of people buy and sell certain items through Facebook owned properties, and this was mostly done through external or third party apps. Now this will all happen through Facebook’s own payment system, one that would connect directly to your bank account and therefore make it easier for you to conduct transactions. This change is definitely going to help the numerous people that conduct some kind of business or the other through the various properties that Facebook currently owns.

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