WhatsApp Updates Hint at Dark Mode, Added Security

WhatsApp has slowly been rebranding ever since it was bought by Facebook. With the addition of Stories to the mix WhatsApp was changed from a pure messaging app into something that was more akin to social media albeit to a very small extent so far. Some new features are coming, and these changes are going to make it more clear that WhatsApp is part of Facebook’s family of apps and services.

This comes after an announcement from Facebook that it will be branding its properties such as WhatsApp and Instagram more clearly so that they can be associated with their parent company.

Screenshot: Digital Information World

The update that’s coming also shows signs that the long awaited WhatsApp dark mode may be coming soon, although the dark mode we are getting right now is mostly just a rudimentary black background. This is still a step forward, and people who have been waiting for WhatsApp’s dark mode for quite some time now would be glad to see that at least some work is being done in this regard.

Rita El Khoury / Android Police

Another update, as spotted by WABetaInfo on iOS, that is coming to WhatsApp is focused more on the security side of the app. If you want to use your account from a different phone, you need to put your number in and you will get a code that is going to allow you to access the account simultaneously on multiple devices. According to WABI, "Chats will be still end-to-end encrypted (when you'll access the app through multiple devices) because WhatsApp was developing a new method to assign keys to specific devices".

Previously if someone tried to access your account from a different phone you wouldn’t have found out about it initially, but now WhatsApp will be sending you registration notifications. This will alert you if anyone tries to register your account on a different device, and you will get the alert even if you are the one that is doing the registration. This is a good step because it will provide users with an added layer of security that they really need.

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